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Traveller 267007 8 months

Traveller 275881 8 months

what’s going on? on the route from SHV the bus driver is accepting motorbike as luggage and allows unsafe camping seat for a little kid in front of the booked seat reducing the legroom

Hon 8 months

The bus leaves on time and arrives ahead of scheduled time.

0 8 months

0 8 months

0 8 months

0 8 months

Traveller 276547 8 months

The bus is late for like 30 mins

Vendy 8 months

The bus departed at 9 30pm instead of 9pm as specified in the ticket. The bus made multiple necessary stops. The bus tires got changes twice, once in Pursat and the other time in Battambang. The second time was risky as the tire exploded midway.

Kris 8 months

Very good service. Quick, efficient, no comments

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