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0 9 months

nice journey...

Charlotte R 9 months

The bus drivers were OK but I was not told that I will have to handle the border crossing on my own, meaning: going out of the bus on the Thai side with all belongings, walking and having to climb stairs + reach the station on the Cambodian side (10 min)

Traveller 132397 9 months

Traveller 273730 9 months

Masa 9 months

Traveller 272984 9 months

Great service from this company. Very professional.

Sovann 9 months

Driver is friendly and allow us to get off in a convenient location. This good service is usually no provided during night bus. This increases chance of robbery and inconvenience to the customers.

Traveller 46407 9 months

Wrong Dropoff location

Traveller 264681 9 months

Traveller 272108 9 months

ឡានមានសម្លេងរំខានពេលបេីក​បរ​ និងរៀងចង្អៀតបន្តិច

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