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0 about 3 hours

JS 1 day

The service in Thailand border needs a little improvement, especially in assisting people to cross the border. I cross the border without assistance from the staff. The Cambodian side needs more improvement. No staff waiting after the immigration.

JS 1 day

Service is excellent. The bus departed on time with few stops along the way. The assistance prior to the departure in the Cambodian border is well appreciated. The partner service in Thailand is also great. There are staff waiting to assist the passengers

Andrea 2 days

It was a reasonably comfortable ride. Probably down to the roads as much as anything. I did think toilets were onboard , but the bus did stop at various places. easy to book and a great way to travel, especially if short on time.

Danil 3 days

very cramped. the seats are too small

Traveler in Cambodia 3 days

The scheduled departure time in Kompong Thom was 13:30, but was delayed by 1 hour and 45 minutes to 15:15. The bus company gave no explanation, and I waited for more than two hours. The arrival time in Phnom Penh was also delayed by 2 hours to 18:15.

Traveler in Cambodia 3 days

When leaving Phnom Penh, I had told the driver that I would get off at Kompong Thom, but the driver did not stop at Kompong Thom. I realized that the driver had passed by, so I told the driver that I was getting off and finally was able to get off.

Markus 4 days

Very comfortable journey.

TW 4 days

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