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Traveller 23110 1 day

there is pillow for each and curtains which is privacy i love it

Rich N 4 days

Bus left on time and arrived a few minutes early. Seats comfortable enough and legroom adequate. Would use same again.

Sarah 4 days

It should be much clearer when you book if you have to share a tiny bed with a stranger

Gabriela 4 days

The bed is for 2 persons. If you travel solo will be attentive to reserve with the same sex?! I have asked after boarding the personnel and the lady just repeated me it is for 2 people. I was alone, but stressed on what to expect.It will be nice to know

Traveller 221792 4 days

0 5 days

Shocking 6 days

Always late, bus in bad condition

Worst Bus Company 6 days

Worse service, worst buses, never going with them again

Unhappy 6 days

Way too many stops, dropping small parcels, waiting for people to turn up Never going to make the 3 hours they promised

BrettT 6 days

I selected a seat and booked early, I will not book a ride unless I am in the front seat, I was forced to move into the rear of the vehicle because someone without seat number 1 demanded to sit in the front, Bus company said you labelled seat number wrong

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