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Margo colombana about 3 hours

Smooth journey - really liked the complimentary water and toilets available

Sophea Tieng 6 days

Sophea Tieng 6 days

Traveller 122479 11 days

I'm prone to Car Sickness but on the way back i haven't got it at all. Smooth and stable car but the seat will cramp if sit next to a big person.

Traveller 79905 17 days

Traveller 79905 19 days

Virak 23 days

The service is good and acceptable. My only little comment is on the time for lunch break which has been told by the driver that would last for 20 minutes but actually it took 40 minutes. It’s inconvenient for us to rush for lunch and wait for others.

Peng Chhay 24 days

Timothy Samuel 26 days

Good service

Traveller 81012 about 1 month

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