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Traveller 100782 3 days

Traveller 82240 7 days

Suranga 11 days

I booked ticket from, when I reached to bus company They said that seat is not available ... and offer a seat which I really not like and not comfortable, that was the last vehicle. So no option to use ☹️. good thing they Willing pay back

Traveller 46084 11 days

Christian 16 days

Riding in Larryta express is good. All is well organized and feel safe. Staff need to inspect temperature and clean hands before entering to the vehicle. The only thing need to improve is the air conditioner. Cannot accomodate the cool if many pax.

Heather 16 days

Very kind and efficient service. Clean van. They stopped at a great place to eat. I'll definitely book again.

Traveller 46084 16 days

Driver got to pick up passenger on the way it is inconvinence.

Traveller 32780 17 days

កក់សំបុត្រហើយតែមិនមានភ្ញៀវគ្រប់ចំនួន ក្រុមហ៊ុនបានទាក់ទងដៃគូមកទទួល រថយន្តដែលបានផ្ទេរមិនមានផាសុខភាព ។

Traveller 32780 17 days

អ្នកបើកបរ បំពានគំនូសចរាចរណ៍ មិនគោរពសិទ្ធអទិភាព វ៉ាឬជែង ។

Traveller 99360 19 days

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