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Lukas almost 5 years

Viktoria almost 5 years

When I got the the station I was told no bus was booked for me even though I had the receipt from BookMeBus. Eventually, the minivan arrived, we were more people than seats, AC not working

David Gibson almost 5 years

Only 30 min journey so was ok but it seems all of the transport of this company is really old and uncomfortable

MP almost 5 years

Driver was texting and talking on the phone. He also did his hair multiple times while driving. It felt very unsafe as a passenger in his van.

A catastophe almost 5 years

Overbooked bus - we were all packed in the minivan + then it stopped every km or 2 km for about one hour and a half to drop the passengers, it was very hot in the bus, little space for legs, departed late, and stopped by Kampot (not announced)

LiZa almost 5 years

We had a mini van booked for 1:30, turned up early as requested, got told it was coming at 2. A lot more people turned up who had been waiting since 12 elsewhere. We were all put on a big bus at around 3pm with just enough room for everyone.

Debbie G almost 5 years

The driver was pretty good considering the traffic and the state of the road especially just out of S'ville. The van was completely loaded up to the hilt though which made it pretty squashed for everyone. Driver communication to us was not good though.

Joel almost 5 years

Great driver. Very helpful and even though we had bad traffic and saw someone that was hit by a truck I felt very safe with him driving. Hats off to Cambodian drivers, it was crazy.

Nick almost 5 years

We came to the station and were told that our departure hasn't been scheduled in a while and Bookmebus has been informed many times yet hasn't removed the departure from their website. Champa Mekong refunded the fare and we took a taxi to the airport.

Michelle almost 5 years

Arriving late into Phnom Penh and almost getting ripped off by local operator, Book me Bus got us onto bus leaving 7:30 am without a drama at unreal price including Ferry. Bus a bit ordinary but super comfortable and the real adventure. Highly recommended

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