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Arnis Tillers almost 5 years

I booked on line one month before trip but when I went to boatd the bus I was told they had not received the internet booking and the bus was full. I had to wait 2 hours for the next bus. Unacceptable.

ArnisTillers almost 5 years

bus was one hour late departing bus was full of young group of people who drank to the point of intoxication and made the bus stop twice so they could urinate. bus arrived at destination 1 hour and 45 minutes late. As a result we missed our ferry .

Johan almost 5 years

All in all ok experience. But the driver dosnt speek english, so there is no information at All.

J.h. almost 5 years

1 Hour to late, we all had not enough space. too many people in the minivan!!!

Ja almost 5 years

Absolute joke. Booked a ticket, bus doesnt show. Called them, an extremely arrogant and unfriendly man told me flat out there is no bus to Kep today and that they wont refund me. Avoid like the plague! Disgusting behavior and a sham of a company.

David Bryce almost 5 years

Old mini van, crazy driving...even on the gravel of the wrong side of the road! The road was in terrible condition, why not take a different road? Aircon stopped working. Connections not explained at the border so we left some things in the mini van.

CT almost 5 years

Rany Sam almost 5 years

Expect the Unexpected about 5 years

Went to Champa the day before and was informed that there was not a 10:30 bus only one at 9. Arrived at 8:40 and at 9 we were sent by cab to a different location. Between Kampot and Phnom Penh, the bus made 14-18 stops, arriving in Phnom Penh at 2.

Iris about 5 years

Booked the bus at 11am. Upon arrival they looked surprised and then they told me the bus was at the garage for repair. I had to take the bus at 13:30. Probably there were not enough guest at the 11am bus, so they put me on the next one. Very bad service

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