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Vicky over 5 years

Shabby bus, dusty road, no safety belt. Unpleasant travel.

N/A over 5 years

Vicky over 5 years

Old bus, no safety belt. Two hours late. Had to change bus to Kep.

Travelers over 5 years

Unsafe over 5 years

Drove like an absolute maniac. Had booked the bus back with them as well but felt so unsafe I jumped on the back of some strangers motorcycle instead. Do not book with them!!

Leonardo over 5 years

Merle over 5 years

Sõit oli kohutav, konditsioneer ei töötanud. Aknad olid sõites lahti, kust tuli sisse mega tolmu. Juht kihutas mööda nii vasakult , kui paremalt poolt autodest. Edaspidi sõidaksin ainult suure bussiga, mis tundub turvalisem.

Marie over 5 years

Champa Mekong did not said that we had to change in Kampot and made some overbooking : all the seats were full and even more, we were very incomfortable, the driver was not nice and we had to yell at him because he was always stopping to take new passenge

Dirk over 5 years

To Much people with luggage in 1 bus

Traveller 43021 over 5 years

Driver suggested us to bring to Otres beach from Snk for additional money,we refused,he brought us 10°38′30.45″N103°30′59.32″E refused to drive to bus station,we found tuktuk he tried to hit us by car, then found us on the road and thrown bag with trash.

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