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Martine over 5 years

Gala over 5 years

The trip simply didn't take place. We've been told they didn't receive booking confirmation from bookmebus. After 1.5 hours of waiting she managed to get her husband on board of their car to drive us to Kampot. She wanted extra money. 3 hours delay. Bad.

Gala over 5 years

Bus was late over 1 hour. Little space for bags. Driver was driving while talking on the phone and did several hazardous maneuvers.

de montgolfier over 5 years

trip ok thanks

Samnang Mech over 5 years

This is very bad company. They has only one car for operate multiple time. With this booking they delay my trip up to 2 hours.

Rolf Ohlson over 5 years

On your website nothing were right about departure/arrival times. Due to this we missed one night that we booked with a hotel on Phu quoc, as we arrived to Ha Tien after ferries to Phu quoc closed. We had to get an extra night on a hotel in Ha Tien. Bad!

Priscilla Taruffi over 5 years

The travel was really bad. On the web site was written that the trip was direct, instead we have to change bus in kampot and wait one hour there. Moreover, the bus delayed almost 3 hours. Really bad experience with this company, never more!

Josef over 5 years

Instead of kep, we drove at first to kampot and leave the bus, wait nearly 1 hour an drove with an other bus to kep. After 6 hours we arrived kep, not 3,5h as announced

Christine du Canada over 5 years

Nous faisions l'aller PhnomPenh-HaTien. Nous avons changé 4 fois de bus! Nous sommes arrivés 5 min avant fermeture des frontières. On nous a laissé du côté du Cambodge et on a dû marcher 15 min avec nos bagages! Pas facile pour des retraités!!!

Anonym over 5 years

Not really good

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