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Traveller 204645 5 months

Traveller 204645 5 months

Traveller 263592 5 months

Traveller 263921 5 months

Traveller 152626 5 months

Travellor1 6 months

The trip to Kampot was good. Driver was professional. Bus was clean. We got to Kampot on time. The office however was not in a good place in Phnom Penh. Very messy and too busy.

Traveller 198364 6 months

Dennis 6 months

Traveller 249015 7 months

... 7 months

Old bus, too hot inside, because of almost no air-con for the whole trip 3 hours, the driver driving fast (not safe but good for saving time), depart on-time and early arriving (before 10 minutes), and good clean waiting room at bus station

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