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Kim 3 days

Was a good bus trip for Cambodia. Left a little late, drops you off far from the city (too far to walk, Tuk Tuk drivers waiting like predators) but otherwise was pretty nice. Comfortable, relatively clean for Cambodia, I’ve had much much worse.

James Kemp 25 days

Bus was due to set off at 10 30, the driver sat outside the bus smoking until around 11 30. Had two break stops on the way which lasted too long and again the driver was just smoking the whole time

Saim about 1 month


Scott about 2 months

For the trip from Phnom Penh to Bangkok, they left me at the Poipet station for over an hour after taking everyone else on the bus to the border. Then they made me pay a moto taxi to take me to the border. Ended up getting to Bangkok 4 hours late.

A 3 months

It was terrible.

A 3 months

It was terrible.

Didn't get seats we booked. 3 months

Their management didn't inform staff about our booking, so they double booked our seat. For that reason, we were crammed into the back seat. Otherwise the trip was fine.

NNNNNN 4 months

Bus REALLY old. One star off for exposed metal & wires & cracked/taped windows. But bus worked, aircon included! $5 for PP->SR, left and arrived on time and at the right place. Does exactly what it says on the tin. Better food and seats than flying!

N/A 4 months

The curtain is very dirty no washing or cleaning, the seat is not comfortable enough( almost all participants complained about the space, អ្នកបើកបរវ៉ានៅផ្លូវកោង និង នៅពេលមានឡានច្រើននៅខាងមុខ, the waiting station in Siemreab is unclean and smell bad,

Clouyi 4 months

The bus stop at Poipet where there is nothing and no indication. I should take a tuktuk to the border where there is no one who can help me. I waited 4hours there before crossing it and go to Thailand thanks to a customer from another company. Really bad

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