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Traveller 45457 23 days

When I book KSO company but they transfer me to ride on another bus company which make me feel not safe because the bus is really old. It's not reliable service.

Mia about 1 month

Departure address was wrong, bus was 2 hours late , our seat was broken, apart from that it wasn’t too bad.

The reviewer you can trust about 2 months

No snacks/wifi/water. Someone got away with putting a bicycle in the asle between the seats. Making it difficult to get through. The bus was 1h late and it also left the station 20min early. Let too many people on. Great driver though.

Daniel Maung about 2 months

We did not get the seat that was booked and had to seat on hard small space and driver make frequent stops.

Nadia about 2 months

We booked a 1.30pm Van which was meant to arrive at 5.30pm but we were told that the bus had 'broken down' (aka there were not enough passengers) and were moved onto a 2.45pm van with another company that didn't have Wi-Fi and the journey took over 7 hrs!

Fast and safe transport about 2 months

Very new van, very nice driver, comfortable seats. Thanks for the ride to and from Sihanoukville.

Matt 2 months

the bus was very unpunctual and the music played in the bus was unbearably loud. The restroom stop happened just next to the road

Erika Majer 2 months

Bus was undersubscribed, so they've arranged for us to be transported to another bus free of charge. The other bus left about 45 minutes after the originally planned time, but still arrived in Siem Reap almost on schedule.

Arrived 2 hours 15 minutes late 2 months

I rode the bus from Phnom Penh to Battambang. Bus did not leave on time. Driver stopped too much. Many informal fares and rides. Bus stopped for hitch hikers and for ppl who wanted to buy water/food. Bus stopped way outside Battambang city. Inconvenient!

James Randle 2 months

I missed bus because of the speedboat being late making 3 unknown stops . I did use this company on journey from Phnom Penh to Sihanoukville . The staff in the office were polite. The Driver did his best considering heavy traffic and drove safely

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