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Graham Bresler 7 days

In general all went well, a lack of communication skills with patrons. When we got to the Cambodian border to travel the balance of our journey to Thailand, we were told to go to another transport company. Not mentioned on the ticket. Thailand super!

Sopha 8 days

Driver talked over the phone leaving only 1 hand driving. He was impolite if talking. The can dropped at many places. He dropped along the road for men to pee while lady just waited in the van. Front glass of the van was fragile.

Chhuo chi meng 8 days

K.S.O are poor of driver speaking bad. Departure delayed. Van is not comfortable (seat) & air con is not work well. Drive so much fast. Overall rating is bad.

Sokcheat Thon 9 days

Ratha 11 days

Departure 8pm, it is a lie. We left at 8:00am and we arrived at Bangkok at 4pm. The company don’t take care their customers.

Www. about 1 month

Krisje about 1 month

The driver dropped us off at an abandoned gasstation. Because of that, we had to pay a tuk tuk driver 11 dollar to get us to the right place. It was not the place they promised tot drop us off and now it was very expensive and unpleasant.

Pagnarith You about 1 month

It very good that I book with your company.

Dallery Sophie about 1 month

Worst journey I have ever made

Caryl Olson about 1 month

Had picked our seats online and did not get them and had to sit in the very back with our feet on other peoples luggage and our bags in our laps. We did leave on time and the van was clean.

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