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1 4 months

Algerian travler 4 months

Ponctuel, parti à l'heure, arrivé 20 mn à l'avance, le même conducteur qu'à l'aller mais il a usé moins le clacsons. Parfait je recommande

Traveller 259075 4 months

Traveller 232906 5 months

Cindy 5 months

We left late as they were collecting people from hotels. The trip was excellent but because the driver had been instructed to pick up people at other bus stops in the city, I got home an hour and a half after the said time.

Cindy 5 months

They are my go to bus company as I've always had great service with them. For the first time we weren't given water, but I had taken my own drink. The trip was straightforward, and just 2 quick stops got us to Sihanoukville in just under 4 hours

Sam 5 months

There were kids 2-3pax run around on the bus during trip where it I was not really safe for them, I know it was the parents responsibility, but if bad thing happened

JoTrocken 5 months

Kooz 5 months

Clacsons à volonté et pas n'importe lequel j'ai l'impression qu'il ont installé celui d'un paquebot, trop d'arrets, arrivé 20 mn de retard. Siège confortable, climatisation parfaite, préparez vos oreilles. Bonne route

Traveller 237387 5 months

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