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Traveller 144999 about 2 months

Traveller 10075 2 months

Traveller 45808 2 months

Kev L 2 months

AC was not working well, arrived an hour and a half late. Way too many stops. but the seat was roomy. Lots of mosquitos.

Traveller 177154 2 months

Ken 2 months

Anthony 2 months

The bus left over an hour late. They didn't even talk to us to let us know what is happing. Very disappointed

Daniel 2 months

First we waited for one hour for some people who were late to catch the bus. Had a long dinner break and arrived to our final destination almost 4 hours late also due to some traffic jam on the way.

Traveller 138135 2 months

Traveller 141591 2 months

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