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0 5 months

Alright trip 5 months

The trip was good, however the seats were not attached and the aircondition was too weak, so it was an uncomfortable ride.

0 5 months

សេវាកម្មល្អ ខ្ញុំពេញចិត្ត👍

Traveller 70735 5 months

Sok Sin Hor 5 months

Traveller 246842 5 months

The bus SR-PP was delayed a half hours of departure time dues to loading guests. During travel on the way no random pick up guest. The bus driver so highly skilled to speed up as much as could do to balance the traffic issue. AC is acceptable cool enough.

Oudam 5 months

This is for the Transportation Company: Please kindly choose the better restaurant with better service and hygiene practice during the breaks of the journey.

Jc riise 5 months

Great experience

Jc riise 5 months

My MH transport was cancelled and the driver in the other bus (not MH) was dangerous as he was about to fall asleep several times. Really scary trip

Traveller 76605 5 months

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