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Cindy 6 months

As always, Mey Hong is great. A very comfy ride, and the staff were excellent. I used another company to return to Phnom Penh, and regretted it, so I'll stick with Mey Hong in future. It's always a pleasure to travel with them. Good job!!!

Traveller 278805 6 months

Thomas Matarese 6 months

The new busses are great.

0 6 months

KC passenger 6 months

I hope I will get another chance to use this bus company. Thanks for the safe journey. The driver is great

Traveller 274253 6 months

Traveller 6803 6 months

Good service with follow up when come close to the departure time

Seth 6 months

Good price and service. The bus is not that fancy but in acceptable condition. The seats are confortable and spacious.

Traveller 232892 6 months

Csongor Szijjarto 7 months

Okay service, nothing memorable, but we got from A to B without any problems or delays.

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