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Kash over 4 years

For a family of four travelling from BKK to Siem Reap the experience was good and kids had an experience of the life time going through the land based immigration. Bus departed 30 min late, though at the end the arrival time at Siem Reap had no impact.

Travelled over 4 years

Driver video chat on his phone while driving They made several stops to load/unload goods & the driver helper got food and ate all day They didn’t invite us to get off to use a bathroom or communicate with us at all except to ask for 5 baht per person.

Lisa over 4 years

Very Bad!! When we went to the Bus station in Bangkok we were told that there was no bus going to Siem reap today. We booked our tickets online but still didn’t get any email nor information that the bus was cancelled! We didn’t even get all money back.

Priscila over 4 years

The usual food wasn't like before We were given coffee but no hot water.before it was in can and have juice in tetra pack, now no more.I asked for another water bottle but they didnt give We arrived in the terminal at almost 9pm,so it was a 15hrs trip

Hilary Clarkson over 4 years

The seats were disgusting, whilst the stains were clearly old & therefore unlikely to transfer to clothing it was all v tawdry. We were only 8 passengers & by the time we got to Bangkok the loo stank, I hate to think what it’d been like with more.

John over 4 years

**SCAM** Thai men came on to bus at Aranyaprathet, gave us passes, pretended to look official - then told us the visa price was 1700 baht ($55). Did NOT tell us we had a choice. Cambodia visa is $30. Confused, hurried passengers paid up. DO NOT BOOK HERE!

CK almost 5 years

Bus was nice and air conditioned. Comfortable ride with plenty of stops so we didn’t need to use the on board WC. We were running late and were able to call and they held it for us for 10 minutes. Boarder crossing was a little confusing but we made it.

Daniel Souteyrant almost 5 years

The Nattakan service was very good before. At the moment it is a disaster with an old bus, full of merchandise, very dirty, without water, without WC, without instructions to cross de borer and without English speaking staff.

Indy almost 5 years

Dylan almost 5 years

Super helpful drivers, who were very friendly and were very informative at the border crossing. Free tuk tuk was a lovely bonus aswell as the snacks along the journey.

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