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Valen about 4 years

Very rice ride, it was a direct bus to Bangkok. Our bags stud in the bus while we were crossing at the border which was very nice. They waited for all of us and gave us lunch (rice with shrip, pretty ok considering it was “bus food”.) I recomend it

Poul Petersen over 4 years

villa daniele over 4 years

Easy, good service ride from Bangkok to Siem Reap over 4 years

Used this company to travel from Bangkok and through the Thailand/Cambodian border and into Siem Reap. Everything went very smoothly. The bus left on time, provided snacks and lunch, and helped us through the border crossing

McEmek over 4 years

This may be one of the most surreal trips one can have. You’ve been awarded with the “right to bear Öz forename”medal for the up coming year by the Anatolian Coach Enthisuasts Clup.

Saffron Bradbury over 4 years

was a bit cautious after the bad reviews, but was okay. Clean and had a toilet. We didn't stop at all but we didn't really need to. A man will board the bus and try sell you visas for 1, 100. Genuine but expensive.

Adrien over 4 years

Driver stopped multiple times just for him (to eat, to pi etc.). The bus company stops at its own station. They told you they offer free taxi toward your hotel but the taxi driver will assault you to rent him the day after to visit the temples.

Chia over 4 years

The comfort room is dirty.

Odessa over 4 years

Very nice and smooth ride. We arrived ahead of schedule. The inspector was very helpful and friendly.

Maria over 4 years

Trip has been way way better than our trip from Bangkok to Siem Reap which the driver easily gets annoyed when trying to clarify something in English since he cannot understand us. The driver and inspector for our Siem Reap to Bangkok trip is really nice.

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