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Anna Teslenko 10 days

Very clean, fast and comfortable! I didn’t expect it to be that good. The staff was helping and providing best service. Recommended!

Lucas Vanderlinden 11 days

Very nice bus service. We had no problems at all. Arrived in time in Siem Reap We were pleased that tuk tuk drivers were there to bring us to our hotels for free Watch out for excessive prices for excursions with them afterwards. They weren't fair to us

Eliisa 13 days

Nice journey except bus was oldish and toilet didn’t work properly. Border crossing went smoothly and we arrived earlier than scheduled. Bus company offered free tuk tuk to hotel, but a driver was a worst kind of scammer.

Mot 16 days

The bus is clean and spacious. The driver and staff are friendly, they give a clear instructions to walk to both immigration. This is a direct bus from Bangkok to Phnom Penh, you don't need to worry about changing bus.

Lucas 25 days

Very comfortable seats, punctual departure and arrival, good value for the money

Agnes about 1 month

KENORIBS BANGAL about 1 month

Aircondition is very low. Not cold

Camille about 2 months

Simon about 2 months

[+] Staff was very helpful at the border, pretty good driver, well equipped bus, not too much delay on arrival. [-] Poor food and beverage, not very transparent policy regarding VISA (extra cost in order to have its visa made by a staff member)

Boven Hoeurm 2 months

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