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Lucy Grigoryan 4 days

Initially we booked the bus for 8.00 am but the bus was broken (this is what we were told) so we left with the next bus 9.00 am which was not a big problem for us. Food was provided too. Overall we are satisfied and we plan to use their services again.

Pirilex 6 days

Eduardo Colonia 14 days

The bus was so much better than the one from Bangkok to Siem Raep. Air conditioner was good and stable, more space in between seats.

Absolutely fine! 14 days

A comfortable journey! We got a free snack pack (2 drinks and a small cake) when we boarded and then a meal just before the border. note that this is where they try and offer a visa service, but remember you are still in Thailand and politely decline!

M. T. 14 days

After waiting in a very long line to cross the Thailand border, our bus was not even there to pick us up so we waited for well over an hour for the bus to arrive! This caused many people to be aggravated. It should be better organized and on time!

Great Service 16 days

The ride included a lunch, which was unexpected but surprisingly decent. The drivers were kind, offered to do our Cambodia visas for us but we declined. Lots others did though and they seemed fine?

Eduardo Colonia 16 days

The bus is quite uncomfortable, goes very slowly and the A/C is lowered sometimes I don’t know why.Also, a guy came onto the bus when we approached the border and said he was the one who did the visa.Later I found out it wasn’t true and he charged us more

Julian 17 days

I booked this bus because it had a good reputation and being a direct bus. Still the driver stopped 5mins before the border and the guys tried to scam everyone with the visas, which caused at least an hour delay. Since you get scammed anyway book cheaper.

Horst 18 days

Jay O 19 days

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