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Peter about 19 hours

Bus was ok and operated by Transport Co. Drinks & snacks were provided at beginning and later a simple lunch. Shortly before border a man selling Visa Express service entered the bus, but after "no,thanks" he did not bother me. Border crossing was smooth.

Adam 2 days

1.) The drivers stole our money, charging six Westerners almost $80 for an otherwise $30 visa. 2.) The drivers changed out of uniform upon crossing into Cambodia and picked up numerous private passengers and pocketing the money, making us three hours lat

Zj Adto 9 days

The time schedule was totally different than the arrival time. Online schedule says, 12 hours trip but the bus arrived very late. From 12 hours to almost 20 hours trip. It's a nightmare.

Dominique 16 days

Bus was on time, clean, the food was good. I would recommend but be aware of scams. They stop 5km from the border saying you can get your visa faster here - their price is $15 more (which they don’t tell you). Don’t take the tuktuks they offer for free.

Stela 16 days

The bus was supposed to be without scam, but IT IS A LIE. Someone not from the company entered the bus 1h before the thai border and ask everyone $35 to take care of the visa. DO NOT DO IT! It is faster and cheaper by yourself. Also bus and food were bad.

Claudia 19 days

Very disappointing! Price nearly twice than comparable companies (i.e. Giant Ibis), service much worse. Hardly any of the advertised (really old Bus, no WiFi, no Snacks). Bus broke down after 100km. Had to be picked up by the following one 1 hour later.

Ramon Rouse 21 days

I would recommend you to other travelers and I will use you again in the future, but please do not let anybody come onto the bus and try to charge foreigners a price that is not true. Just give instructions for how to cross the border on their own. Thanks

Fabio 24 days

Excellent service. Lunch was provided. Arrived earlier than expected. Will definitely ride with them again.

Mackie 24 days

The ride was smooth. I felt safe. Thank you.

little deb 25 days

Really happy with the service. Very comfy and helpful. Was really easy getting over the boarder, I have heard horror stories but they made it so simple. I will defiantly be using them again.

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