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Nils about 1 month

Everything was fine

Emanuele 2 months

Bus was at 9am while I booked it for 8am, and wasn’t at the platforms suggested as well. Driving experience very bad overall with sudden braking. No space for my long legs. Will never use it again. If I could rate you zero I would had.

Janet 2 months

I though were not going to unload our bag at the border of Cambodia and Thailand, much more the Immigration officer in Cambodia asked for 3USD from each of us before returning our passport without explaining for what it is and and there were no receipts.

Douglas Thompson 2 months

German 3 months

Good service by Nattakan. Only annoying that the driver stopped 4 times for private businesses.

Means what? 3 months

Nattakan is the best. Good Service, very professional

Valen 3 months

Very rice ride, it was a direct bus to Bangkok. Our bags stud in the bus while we were crossing at the border which was very nice. They waited for all of us and gave us lunch (rice with shrip, pretty ok considering it was “bus food”.) I recomend it

Poul Petersen 4 months

villa daniele 4 months

Easy, good service ride from Bangkok to Siem Reap 4 months

Used this company to travel from Bangkok and through the Thailand/Cambodian border and into Siem Reap. Everything went very smoothly. The bus left on time, provided snacks and lunch, and helped us through the border crossing

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