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Amélie De Vriendt over 4 years

Mark over 4 years

The ride was pretty nice. Rough roads but the driver made the best out of it. Got a row for us and had a pleasent journey.

Burntbrit over 4 years

Advertised as having water and Wi-fi, didn’t have either. I also couldn’t really feel the air con/fan.

Tf over 4 years

Noemi Arvay over 4 years

The driver was driving at extreme speed at times, taking over cars in curves or in hills. We had several stops but he never communicated on when we are expected back and once he already finished eating when we were should have lunch (at 10am..)

Emma OLeary over 4 years

Rigo Martina over 4 years

J S over 4 years

OMG this was scary!!!! The driver drove on the wrong side of the road 90% of the time. He was like a race car driver and I haven’t prayed so much in my life in a 9ht period until this ride. It was scary! Stay away.

W. over 4 years

Eliska over 4 years

Minivan was quite old but still ok. I supposed to be the only passenger on board but during the way we did few stops to pick up local passengers what caused delay. There also should be bottle of water which I didn't get. But I think I can recommend.

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