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Adam almost 4 years

Very useful and efficient service. Read lots of negative reviews beforehand, but my experience was only positive. Air conditioning was effective, plenty of leg room and three toilet breaks including one where we bought a cheap and fast lunch.

Tony almost 4 years

Very efficient and while quite fast, felt safe

Mathias almost 4 years

Jade Hanson almost 4 years

Overall experience was awful. The bus was overpacked with belongings which made the journey terrible. The driver stopped at so many points to deliver parcels to local people we arrived late. There should be less people on the bus and less bags as no space

Skyla almost 4 years

Driver refused to turn on A/C in the van , full with 15 people, on an 8 hour drive. Didn’t enjoy that part.

Hana almost 4 years

Driver was nice, but cannot speak english.We don´t know when and for how long is stop for break. Drive fast but many stops pick up people or some boxes. We arrive 15minutes late. In Sen Monorom the lady who check tickets no english and very unfriendly.

Hana almost 4 years

Journey was not bad, but absolutely not VIP VAN like was written on reservation website. Driver cannot speak english and drove very fast so we cannot sleep, there was no wifi, no water and we picked up many Cambodian or some boxes during our way.

Elliott Boyden almost 4 years

Driver has got it under control, goes fast but knows what he’s doing.

Pedro Godinho almost 4 years

Safe option comparing to the big bus. Some of the vehicles are old but all have air conditioning and reasonable conditions

Rithya about 4 years

I had a problem with rithya. Me and my friend booked the tickets online and arrived at the bus station 20 minutes before leaving. However, the bus never came and we had to take another bus. We were disappointed, please be careful with rithya.

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