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Shiatsudave over 3 years

Another good service. Not quite as good as the journey from Phnom Penh, simply because the bus was older and one of the passengers vomited. But otherwise a great service. Check in was efficient, they let me use wifi and bathroom. Excellent.

Lastra over 3 years

Shiatsu Dave over 3 years

Left in good time, arrived later than expected but due to road repairs. Good driving, lovely bus, plenty of comfort breaks. I will use again. Thank you.

Inês over 3 years

Kate over 3 years

Safe driver, arrived only 1 hr after scheduled arrival

Disappointing over 3 years

This was supposed to be a VIP express bus, but it was nothing like that. Scratch the VIP because there was no space, even for a small person like me. Scratch the express also because we stopped so many times to pick up people. Ticket was too expensive.

MacroDaddy over 3 years

Best the driver could have done with tools at his disposal. Van was ok in morning but lots of breaks with bonnet up. Van breakdowns led to push starts at least twice. Looked to be alternator and/or AC compressor issues. Great job driver. do better Rithya

Mark Prevoteau over 3 years

M over 3 years

The journey went smooth, quite long but we knew it. The driver was driving fast but we felt pretty safe most of the time. There was not much leg room but overall it was good.

Short space for legs and crazy driver over 3 years

Punctuality was good. The driver drove really fast, too fast and we felt in danger. The space for the legs is very small.

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