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Lälex almost 4 years

Worst bus trip in cambodia. No space! Car got broken. The bus which picked us up after the other car was broken, was full of cockroach. So disgusting! Never again!

Joana Soares almost 4 years

The bus was not clean and also had cockroaches. For the price paid, I expected a better service.

john montebello almost 4 years

Van ride from hell!! Coackroach infested minibus !! Very disgusting and scary!! Unprofessional service!!

Herbreteau almost 4 years

I'd prefer if you said me it was 10 hours (not 6!). By the way, a mini van like that seems unappropriate for such a trip !

Madda almost 4 years

Mariah almost 4 years

The driver was dangerous and we almost got into a car accident (he was speeding and he slammed on the breaks and almost hit a cow) After arrival he rude. He stood outside the bus and was jeering at me and my friends and talking about and pointing at us.

Robin almost 4 years

This was an excellent trip -- the driver was very professional and courteous. He was also careful and didn't speed! The stops were at the right times and brief enough to use the toilet and eat. I would recommend this route and company.

Roubertou almost 4 years

Good driver !

Silvia Bolzoni almost 4 years

The van was full not just of people but also of a lot of parcels and the delay was due to all these parcels delivery along the road, was really the worst trip I had in Cambodia and 18 dollars for a thing like this is inacettable

non-cambodian almost 4 years

It was the worst trip in my life. I won't come again with this company.

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