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0 19 days

Micheal 21 days

We really like taking the sleeper buses with Virek, but some guests play on their phone with the volume on even late into the night. This is disruptive and disrespectful. Would be great if a sign can be up to discourage this behaviour. Thanks!

1 25 days

1 25 days

Tom 25 days

This luxury van service was right on time and professional. The AC and seats were comfortable. We appreciated the bottled water and rest stop half way through the trip. We would definitely use this service again.

1 25 days

Panha Kroeung 27 days

The bus arrived late 30mn and drop also late 30mn. Total late in this trip is 1h. It’s almost made me late on meeting.

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Brad T 29 days

The cabin was super comfortable - a thicker mattress than another big bus company that we had used, albeit slightly shorter bed. The road was super bumpy which made it tough to sleep, but no fault of the company.

Lisa 29 days

Very clean and cozy bus, Friendly driver, stoped immediately when I had to use the bathroom

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