Traveler reviews for Virak Buntham Express

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Traveller 72097 2 months

Traveller 72097 2 months

Traveller 10394 2 months

Car late almost 45min, after 45min late they stop at their warehouse to drops something and refill petroleum it took another 45min.

ratha 3 months

The driver drive too fast (140km/h). I buy VIP seat, hope feel comfortable. But on board I feel last time of my life.

Nica 3 months

SUN LYPHENG 3 months

Panha Kroeung 3 months

Chankiry Koy 3 months

Traveller 64237 3 months

Vannchhai Rot 3 months

The inspector should at least know how many people booked the tickets and how many people are on board. It’s good to not leave one passenger. I arrived on time. Van is 30 minutes late and when they arrive, they just leave. Staff drive me via moto to van.

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