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Traveller 110255 almost 4 years

Bob Anderson almost 4 years

Driver was first class. On time. Relatively new minibus Only suggestion is to clearly mark departure depot in KEP. Nobody knew exactly where the departure point was.

Worst experience almost 4 years

This is very poor, transfer us to a private car, never choose it, you will regret.

Traveller 108618 almost 4 years

Bob Anderson almost 4 years

Great trip. Highly recommend

Vanthy almost 4 years

Steve almost 4 years

I was told only a few people had booked, although they managed to allocate two of us the same seat. The numbering in the minivan didn't match the online booking. We left 20 minutes late (no reason) but arrived on time. Decent enough but AC wasn't great.

Traveller 102792 almost 4 years

The trip back to phnom penh was so bad. Waited in kampot for over an hour and got to phnom penh at 9pm when the booking said we would get there at 6:30pm. Uncomfortable van and bad timing and communication.

Traveller 85354 almost 4 years

Nickie almost 4 years

It was a bad experience on that VIP van. They lied to us many ways. They didn't want to picked us up from the pier, but they could pick other customers up from there. They changed schedule without informing us, changed the rout, and pick others all along.

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