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Cf over 4 years

2h late.

Albert Tebenkov over 4 years

Hatien to Phnom Penh was fast and comfortable trip. The driver is very friendly.

Terrible over 4 years

Truly not worthy. We arrived at the supposed pick up place and no one was there. They then told us to go to the office and made us wait. An hour after the bus was supposed to have left we were still waiting. We ended up paying for a tuk-tuk. AVOID

Gen Murphy over 4 years

Horrible service, no communication and left over an hour late! Would recommend spending the extra few dollars and getting a Tuk Tuk from Kampot to Kep instead!

Marlene buch over 4 years

Traveller 89487 over 4 years

Has over 4 years

The exact location for departure unknown and the instructions when crossing the border unknown

Traveller 72671 over 4 years

Reading the comments I was ready for everything... It's all a bit chaotic but we had "only" 30 min delay... We needed 1 hour more as said but I think it is the same with every company. Driver was very good, not bad at all!

Mac over 4 years

Overall it was a nice ride. It was a little frustrating at times because we were supposed to leave at 330 and didn’t end up leaving until 530. The van was pretty squishy and hot, but the little air conditioning helped. Would take again.

S Webb over 4 years

A terrible experience. Bus was late to depart - did not travel all the way to Kep but only to Kampot. Had to wZit for another bus. Never again.

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