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A F about 4 years

zuzana about 4 years

everything was OK. old bus with a/c departed from bus station as described in ticket, 30min later because we were waiting for another tourist..then we changed to a newvan in Kampot office, then again on the borders. Staff always told us what to do.

Davigny about 4 years

Awful experience. Car outdated with almost broken window. Driver drives like a crazy man, thought I was going to die several times. Had to travel with my bag on my knees due to overbooking. In other words, avoid that company which is not even punctual !!

Bo​ Rosenqvist about 4 years

Trip announced to be 3,5h but took almost 5,5h. Not acceptable to mislead like this.

Serena over 4 years

Both drivers from Kampot to the border and from there to Hatien didnt stop honking and especially the driver in Vietnam was awful. He kept demanding tips from the passengers and tried to sell a bus ticket to another city to me which was $3 more expensive

CM over 4 years

Worst service I’ve used. Had to share a single seat with someone, no AC. Overbooked the bus but crammed us all on. Awful.

Mamsir over 4 years

Driver spent 40 mins dropping off a package then returning to where we started Severe confusion on who was / wasn't allowed on the bus. Manager berating people for not listening Driver on his phone. No decent alts for Kampot to PP tho so good luck

Traveller over 4 years

We left a little late but still arrived on time. Bus itself was ok but the chairs not so comfy

Jo & Steve over 4 years

Traveller 94048 over 4 years


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