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Sandrine about 1 month

Très bien

0 about 1 month

Moritz about 1 month

The journey to Koh Rong Sanloem woth the Speedboat was on time, there is a waitong room with AC and everything worked. Be aware that the speedboat is going 55 km/h which can be a little rocky but it was a nice ride and safety gear was on board.

rapid efficient service about 2 months

rapid efficient service

Traveller 289616 about 2 months

Smooth ride

Russell pha about 2 months

smooth riding

GTVC Speedboat to Koh Rong 2 months

I had a great experience with GTVC Speedboat. The staff were friendly and helpful, and the ride was pretty smooth. The boat also left on time give or take about 5 minutes.

Kim Armstrong 2 months

Booked 12 O clock ferry but was cancelled due to high winds - 3pm ferry full with people sitting in aisles. Due to weather the journey was hair raising, quite scary at time and I as grateful to get off in one piece and not vomited !

Traveller 283788 2 months

no boat

Wedel Maria mālinī 3 months

Hey ho we want to go back at the 20.12. between 8-9 am! Can we book here the way back .. Lovely Greatings Mālinī and Uwe

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