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Lola Chow 2 months

Superb service - very happy

Rebecca W. 2 months

We were a bit worried because of the comments but we had a great experience! The boat to Koh Rong Samloem and back was once a few minutes late and on the way back even early! Everything worked perfectly!

Makha 3 months

No correct drop-off point in website

Steen Rasmussen 3 months

Traveller 232282 3 months

Greg 3 months

The driver was nice and overall the trip was enjoyable. However, one of the seatbelts was not working and the driver kept looking at his phone, he stopped using his phone so much after we asked.

False advertising to ‘trick the tourists’ 3 months

We booked the 30 minute direct journey to Saracen Bay, only to be told that Saracen Bay was the last stop on the journey at GTVC intentionally misleads tourists to gain more bookings, ‘haha we do that to trick the tourists’ the operator laughed.

Oksana Iaremenko 4 months

Stéphane 4 months

I've paid extra-charge to modify my journey but no change Wasson on my ticket because it's online ticket. So the company said that i must another extra-charge to modify again my ticket. A proof of payment should be done for consumers in this case.

Jake Street 4 months

Can't fault it. Very fast boat with comfy seats. Left exactly on time and got in a little early :)

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