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Shamie 11 months

I recommend GTVC speedboat

Sharyne 11 months

Maddie 11 months

Great speedboat, fun ride, easy to navigate and on time.

Marga 11 months

The app and tickets states we’ll arrive in Sihanoukville, it took us 1hr and 15mins. False advertisement

Ed 11 months

The boat was advertised as 30 minutes to Saracen Bay, arriving at 12:30. Instead, we left late, stopped at five different ports and arrived at 13:30.

Joce 12 months

Great service! The boat is very comfortable. Be sure to be at the pier at least 20 minutes before departure (as recommended by the company), as the boat I traveled back to Sihanoukville on left 20 mins ahead of schedule.

Traveller 243324 12 months

very good to excellent transfer experience, no complaints thank you!

Marcus 12 months

Kurzer, schneller Trip zur Trauminsel. Im Gegensatz zu den anderen Gesellschaften sitzt man hier im klimatisierten Wartebereich des potthäßlichen Hafens von Sihanoukville.

Sam 12 months

Really good service. Wouldnuse again

Traveller 241242 12 months

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