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Eduardo 8 months

Fast and reliable. Make sure you have someone from your accommodation waiting for you at the pier, otherwise could be a painful walk to get to your hotel…

Eduardo 8 months

Very fast and reliable. If you are going to stay at Onederz mind that from the pier to the hostel is a loooong walk on the beach

Shamie 8 months

I recommend GTVC speedboat

Sharyne 8 months

Maddie 8 months

Great speedboat, fun ride, easy to navigate and on time.

Marga 9 months

The app and tickets states we’ll arrive in Sihanoukville, it took us 1hr and 15mins. False advertisement

Ed 9 months

The boat was advertised as 30 minutes to Saracen Bay, arriving at 12:30. Instead, we left late, stopped at five different ports and arrived at 13:30.

Joce 9 months

Great service! The boat is very comfortable. Be sure to be at the pier at least 20 minutes before departure (as recommended by the company), as the boat I traveled back to Sihanoukville on left 20 mins ahead of schedule.

Traveller 243324 9 months

very good to excellent transfer experience, no complaints thank you!

Marcus 9 months

Kurzer, schneller Trip zur Trauminsel. Im Gegensatz zu den anderen Gesellschaften sitzt man hier im klimatisierten Wartebereich des potthäßlichen Hafens von Sihanoukville.

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