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Tony 3 months

Amazing service 3 months

Fast, friendly and reliable service.

Thein 3 months

A great service overall One thing I don't like is that the crews did not announce the island the boat dock. I had to keep asking the island is right one for me to get off

Fast ride but >1h delay 4 months

Unfortunately the boat was more than 1 hour delayed. I was lucky that I planned enough time to get my transit bus to PP.

Marnie 4 months

Niklas Rissler 4 months

Trip was very smooth.

Traveller 5 months

Boat was overloaded. Not everyone got a seat to sit. No Life-Wests in sight. Captain did not give any information. We never knew where we would dock.

Traveller 5 months

Katarina Fischer 5 months

For us everthing perfect. But: No sings at the Boarding (where to go, what is the schedule and route). We weren't sure where to get off. Clear and understandable announcements were good. Thank you!

Mar 6 months

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