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Bluest 9 months

Sam 9 months

We unfortunately missed our ferry from Sihanoukville to Koh rong because of our terribly late bus journey so nothing to review.

Jess 10 months

ណែម ប៉ាវ 10 months

Traveller 83323 10 months

Traveller 81303 10 months

It was one hour instead of 30 min, unsafety enter to the boat

Rachel 10 months

Glad I choose GTCV for our ferry. On the way to the island we left right on time. Heading back to Sihanoukville the ferry was a little late but nothing significant. Boat was clean and fast. Driver was safe. Overall, smooth, positive experience! Recommend.

Traveller 81316 10 months

Traveller 81316 10 months

Traveller 81316 10 months

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