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Kimhuo almost 7 years

Nice service, thanks. Please keep going and make it better :))

Alex almost 7 years

Very punctual company

Kimhuo almost 7 years

Thanks for your service, it's nice and I hope it's getting better soon, :))

Pestel angelique almost 7 years

Kimhuo almost 7 years

I'm appreciated your service, please keep going and make it better :))

Kris almost 7 years

Fruitball almost 7 years

Minibus was infested with cockroaches. We killed at least 10. Driver was a maniac. We decided to return by train, even though we had purchased a return bus ticket from the same company. I recommend you do the same, or hire a private taxi. Traumatising

Yen chin hsu about 7 years

About KSO at poipet and Thailand KSO,your stuff is very terrible, at first, poipet stuff, he didn't check my passport clear, told me that I can go to Thailand, so let me to have problem until I go to Thailand , second, Thailand KSO,arranged seat very bad.

Meh about 7 years

Bus was dirty and uncomfortable- no cushions for your neck they had been removed. But the air conditioning worked great. Our driver made many stops, dropping off every customer individually so it took maybe 45 mins longer to get to sihanoukville

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