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yuki 5 months


0 5 months

ឡានចាស់ខ្លាំង កន្លែងអង្គុយពិបាក កៅអីបាក់ កក់កៅអី២កៅអី ១នៅខាងមុខ ជាក់ស្ដែងបានទៅអង្គុយនៅខាងក្រោយ កក់កៅអី១ទៀតខាងក្រោយមិនបាច់និយាយ ពិបាកជាងឡានកាំពីតូលចាស់ទៀត តម្លៃ៤ម៉ឺន ដាក់សុទ្ធតែ VIP Bus ទៅដល់ចប់និយាយ

JWJL 5 months

Overall much more positive and higher quality sleep than expected!

Miyuki 5 months

Good & comfortable

Manoj 5 months

This is the worst service which I was served. I booked a seat via online. They canceled the trip when I was arrived to pickup location without any prior notice. They asked to use next vehicle leave after 2 hours from PP.finally only 50% was refunded to me

Jelena 5 months

A 5 months

Lach Sokmakara 5 months

ខ្សែភ្ល់ើញខ្វាត់ខ្វែង ព្រោះឡានចាស់

Lach Sokmakara 5 months


Zach M 5 months

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