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Traveller 8240 2 months

Traveller 58482 3 months

Andrew 3 months

One passenger requested the driver to take him to a remote location on the Mekong just North of Phnom Penh so we spent the last hour of the journey on some of the roughest dirt roads I have been on in Cambodia. Not very comfortable but we arrive on time.

Thearo 3 months

Traveller 34667 3 months

Nomadic Erin 3 months

The van ride was average, similar to all others across Cambodia. Driver was safe. I was not comfortable after a few hours since I am too tall. Ride would've been fine except the driver blasted music the whole 6 hours, giving me a headache.

Richard Lauriston 3 months

Fast and efficient

Traveller 168609 4 months

Good support from the office! Tour tooks only 3 hours

NW 4 months

Traveller 130404 4 months

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