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Chi Vin 10 days

The minivan look too old, driver very good. Inspector at Kampong Chhnang province put extra many things in to the minivan. She spoken not well with the passenger. We happy with your service but but extra many things on the way is not good.

Fleur 11 days

Everything went well except the pick up location was quite far out of town and when I got there they told me that it was the wrong location, the correct location is closer to town. If I would have been late, I would have missed the bus.

1 13 days

Traveller 6429 13 days

Nara 14 days

The van was almost an hour late. I was super late to my event.

Robert Spinner 14 days

Probably will take the same service again, service was really good.

Traveller 8140 14 days

Thuong Phuong 15 days

The Bus (Huyndai Solanti) was btoken after 35km departure and arrived to Sihanoukville at 12:00 instead of 8:00pm planing. Totally exhausted

Anne 19 days

PP to Kampong Cham. Good leg space and enough luggage space. Arrived on time. But reckless driver (in the pouring rain!), no seatbelt! (old van) and too much air conditioning. A lot of stops, especially at the beginning.

Anne 19 days

Kampot to PP. late departure due to an issue but arrived on time. Good driver. Enough space for luggage. Great leg space even for tall people. But limited seatbelt (2 points, not 3 points).

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