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Rachana Ly 7 days

Please inform the Company វីរៈប៊ុនថាំ to be punctual for departure time. It was late 30 minutes for departure during my last trip.

Louise 7 days

0 8 days

jane clarbour 8 days

Don’t use this company! Worst bus i’ve taken. No inspector, no visa check before departure, no food stop, not enough space for even one small bag person. Bus full of mosquitoes. Bus had no suspension so always flying around over every bump. Bad, bad, bad.

Traveller 210476 8 days

Book with BookMeBus seat number 30 but shown in bus system different number.

Traveller 39763 8 days

Gary 9 days

Great service, highly recommended

James from England 9 days

Journey was shorter than 4 hours, comfy and air conditioned bus.

Andrew 9 days

The minibus was replaced with an mpv. It left on time. The driver was pretty careful and I didn't feel in danger at all. He stopped for a toilet break once and drove fast but carefully. The journey took less than 3 hours and not the 4 as advertised.

Aishya 9 days

the bus was spacious and comfortable. the guide was incredibly friendly and helpful. we got decent food, snacks and drinks too! the toilet was also clean!

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