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1 10 days

Ian 10 days

Bus was clean. We left on time. A bit cool but you have a blanket Not bad trip. A bit of rough road makes sleep difficult. Overall no problems and would use again for long trip.

Traveller 39763 10 days

Traveller 132343 10 days

Traveller 81688 12 days

I book Seat No. 1&2 and the staff say no seat was available. how come? since you already cut my money😡😡

James from Liverpool 12 days

Mini van left on time, stopped halfway for 15 minutes break, free bottle of water for journey. Cannot complain.

TUOMO H 12 days

Dave Cook 12 days

After spending two days worried about traveling again on your bus due to dangerous driving, I spoke to the driver and asked him to please drive slower. He was lovely and was careful all of the way back. A much safer ride , considerately better safe driver

Dave Cook 12 days

Your driver is dangerous to all on the road and the people in your care on the bus. Including a toilet stop and a stop to repair a tire it took only 4.15 minutes- that will tell you how fast he was going. We slid across the mud road . I asked him to slow

Traveller 236370 13 days


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