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0 8 months

Traveller 10075 8 months

Sun 8 months

When they sold the ticket first, it showed it would take 4 hours. But after buying the ticket, it changed that it would take 6 hours and even it arrived 30 minutes late.

0 8 months

Soraya Nepomuceno 8 months

The trip was enjoyable and mini bus confortable enough! My only negative comment is that driver should not hold his phone or make calls while driving as it can be dangerous. Perhaps driver or company could invest on "phone holder" for the bus driver.

Alex Lee 8 months

The bus supposed to arrive to SR at 7AM but arrived at 4AM. So, we reached the hotel and slept in the hall. Kinda unexpected.

ស៊ុនរី ទាំង 8 months

ឡានចាស់ មិនសូវមានសុចត្តិភាព នឹងមិនមានអណាម័យល្អ

Dy 8 months

Car very old, no water given as per advertised, smelly

Hubert 8 months

We have ticket 11pm-07am from Phnom Penh to Siem Rap. We dont have book hotel because arrival was supposed to be at 7am. The driver arrived at 4.15. He woke everyone up and ordered them to get out. All didn't have a hotel and we had to sleep on a bench.

PK 8 months

We ended up in a rice paddy field.

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