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Cambotra Express Suck almost 7 years

The most terrible bus ride EVER! The driver was an idiot, speeding on narrow unsafe roads. We crashed into a motorbike carrying two teenagers and he disappeared! After 2hrs the replacement arrived who was no better. We nearly crashed again 3 more times.

Saing Sab almost 7 years

it is out standing experience

Not to be named almost 7 years

The car is a bit old.

USA traveler almost 7 years

So helpful and prompt. Greatly appreciated service! Very clean as well

Ramona almost 7 years

The bus left and arrived as scheduled. In between 2 small stops, one for lunch. Bus was clean and a bottle of water was provided.

Aaliyah about 7 years

Left late, then pulled over somewhere to wait for the drivers family members to get in even though it was full already. Lady sat on ground next to me so I had no leg room. Squeezed another person in one seat and they threw up.

nabila about 7 years

Very comfortable van. Driver and the attendance ok.. Nice to us..

Hans von Zieten over 7 years

The driver to Battambang was speeding, more than allowed. Even when driving through villages he was speeding. He was overtaking, even there was traffic coming from front. VERY DANGEROUS! Driver was using the horn to scar slower drivers away. DANGEROUS!!!!

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