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Socheata over 6 years

They use only one car to operate. The first schedule from KP-PP was late. it caused 1h late for my schedule from PP-KP. They didn't notify till I called. When they picked us up, they said to us "Just a bit late, why you can't wait?" in such a rude manner.

Flo S. over 6 years

The drive wasn't how we expected und after all we get tricked. We were transfered to a public bus because they said the minivan isn't fully booked. They earn the difference between the the ticket prices. 8$minivan / 5,85$ P. Bus. 2h late. Lost. no pickup

Kim over 6 years

From Kep, you have to wait in Kampot to change onto another bus, not direct. The minivan was old, dirty & worn, at one point the boot opened & luggage was strewn across the muddy road. Too many passengers & insufficient room. Take Cambodia Post instead!

Ralf Ullrich over 6 years

The bus did not start at 7:30 but at 8:15. So your information was wrong. We had to hurry to get ferry. De we cannot recomand your Service.

Raphael Freitas over 6 years

I will be sending an email to the support explaining my situation. I had a very bad situation that almost cost me my trip. Please wait for further information on my email. Best,

Sarah over 6 years

Tried giving this company another go because they are cheap, but yet again, I was dissapointed. Late and yelling customers. A very uncomfortable experience and it's not the first time this has happened to me with this company.

B over 6 years

Bus pickup location did not match map linked on BookMeBus. Upon arrival, bus company was not aware that we had made online booking. They hustled to find us a place on another minibus, where the AC did not work. But, driver made up for tardiness with speed

MT over 6 years

The first bus had extremely natrow seats. The machine broke down in the middle of the trip. The visa was checked in pnom penh but when arrived in Hatien I was not let to enter Vietnam. I went to Kampong with another bus where I had to pay accommodation

Bob Anderson over 6 years

OK drive. No complaints... Bob Anderson

Driver threatened to beat us!!! over 6 years

The driver failed to drop us at our guesthouse (we have passed it I realized later on) and since we were the last two passengers he refused to drive back (5min drive!!!) to our guesthouse to drop us off. He became very aggressiv threatened to beat me up!

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