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Benjamin almost 6 years

Mel almost 6 years

Staff not friendly at all and don't want cooperate in English! Our VIP van get broken at half way. After 2 hours waiting under a strong sun, they move us to a big bus, it was full, need to sit on the floor! I was so late, my hotel didn't keep my booking.

Kelly almost 6 years

The bus was 1hr late leaving and we only reached the boarder 20mins before close. Then had to wait on the side of the road with all our luggage for 20mins at dusk with mosquitos.

Adriana zavrl almost 6 years

Not good at all

Neither ponctual nor comfortable almost 6 years

Bus outdated and uncomfortable, 1 hour delay

Lachlan almost 6 years

FALSELY Promoted as 3hr 30min PPenh to Kep departing@7:30am. Bus arrived into Kampot (about 30 min from Kep) at about 11:30 & then we were asked to get off the bus and wait for another service going to Kep "shortly"...GOT TO KEP SHORTLY AFTER 2PM!

Canadian travellers almost 6 years

Comfortable bus with air conditioning. Arrived in PP 2.5hrs later than scheduled. Unaware that there was a transfer in Kampot and getting up to date information as to when we would expect the new bus was difficult.

Susan almost 6 years

We were half an hour late leaving Kep with a very fast and slightly dangerous driver. We were then told to change at Kampot which no one knew. And no information at Kampot 're departure time. We then had tyre problems and took 7 hours to get to PP.

Cler almost 6 years

Nu almost 6 years

They put me on a bus to outside the city and dumped me on another crappy bus service on seats at the back. Bookmebus also didn't bother picking up my calls or replying to my email when I tried to recharge them regarding this. Will not use either service

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