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anonymous almost 6 years

We booked front seats as we are tall people and need some leg space. However, we were forced into the back row, cramped together.

Displayname almost 6 years

Jennifer87 almost 6 years

This is a safe, respectable, and reliable bus company. Kind employees, and safe driving — much better than other bus companies I tried in Cambodia!

Silvina almost 6 years

we left Kampot on time, got to Phonm Penh a bit out of schedule due to Phonm Penh traffic, good ride overall

Silvina almost 6 years

we left from Phonm Penh to Kampot in time, got there in 3 hs. Perfect!

Pretty good overall almost 6 years

My only complaint would be that the bus gets very hot and the AC was not really sufficient. By the end of the journey the whole bus stank of BO which wasn't ideal. But in terms of punctuality, efficiency and safety I have no complaints.

James T almost 6 years

We left on time, arrived earlier than scheduled. Travelled in a mini bus, was good but way too warm, air con needed to be turned up. Maybe some reclining seats too. Overall it was a good and easy experience.

Kathrin almost 6 years

Perfect Bus Ride. Bus was on time, everybody was friendly, air cond., extra water. Really good.

Danael Paulhac almost 6 years

The bus departed on time, we got a bottle of water and the air con worked well. Yet, the bus driver drove like a maniac at full speed (he used the horn at least 100 times), we reached Phnom Penh' edges from Kampot in only 2 hours.

Yago almost 6 years

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