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Malen Doem about 5 years

អ្នកបេីកបរ​បេីកលឿនដូចហោះ​ ផ្លូវរលាក់ក៏មិនបន្ថយដែរ​ ជាំថ្លេីមអស់ហេីយ

Traveller 9431 about 5 years

Driver constantly stopped to pick up and drop off goods and or people. This delayed the trip a lot. Overall, not a good experience. There are better deals for your buck.

Ramsey about 5 years

generally i thought the trip was ok but we arrived much later than it was scheduled. i think just add time to the schedule so people know when they will arrive. this will be helpful for your customers

Traveller 3835 about 5 years

The driver drove too fast and almost hit a car.

Traveller 58854 about 5 years

The road was under construction but the driver keep driving crazy fast. Unsafe.

Traveller 59275 about 5 years

Shekar and Treva Padath about 5 years

This was one of the best bus rides we had when in Cambodia. Thanks.

Chamroeun about 5 years

Overall, bookmebus is my first choice! but this time, I booked for my parents so I can not give the review.

Traveller 52813 about 5 years

Traveller 33372 about 5 years

ដំបូងថាមិនចង់ជិះទេព្រោះធ្លាប់ម្តងហើយពេលទៅតែមកវិញវាគ្មានជំម្រើសក៏សំរេចចិត្តជិះទៅប៉ុន្តែពេលមកវិញអ្វីៗគឺខុសពីពេលទៅណាស់។ទាំងតៃកុនបើក ម៉ាស៊ីនឡានគឺល្អទាំងអស់។ អន់តែម្យ៉ាងគឺម៉ោង7ត្រូវចេញប៉ុន្តែ7កន្លះបានចេញបាន។ មិនអីទេសំរាប់ពេលមកវិញនោះ!!!!

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