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Traveller 66172 10 months

Vanny Iem 10 months

The boat has to depart at the set hour. We’ve been waiting for another 20 minutes. When I asked the crews they said the ticket counter is selling to new arrival passengers to fill up the seats.

Traveller 179723 10 months

Please check tickets carefully to avoid people boarding on wrong boat.


Very professional and organized. Highly recommend 😊

Panha Kroeung 10 months

100% to recommend 10 months

Everything was good, on time, nice staff…

G j 10 months

Boat was late to the destination meaning I nearly missed my bus. No other issues, but factor in a small delay when booking any travel after

JJ 11 months

Boat is very comfortable and new. No spray onto passengers (unlike Buva). Embarking and disembarking quick. Overall would definitely use again.

Didier 11 months

Susan 11 months

Ferry arrived 45 minutes late.

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