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QF 5 months

We left on time. Driver and crew friendly with some stops/ break on the way. Speed under control

Darith Ros 5 months

បេីកបរត្រូវប្រយ័ត្នបន្តិច​ ! ពេលវ៉ាគេម្តងៗគួរអោយខ្លាច!

Mose 6 months

Good van

Janita 6 months

Had a return ticket booked; the travel going there from PP to Kampot was great. They were on time and it cool and clean.But the return journey, however, was not as pleasant at all.The driver was speeding the whole way. I felt unsafe.

Raine Abella 6 months

Courtney 6 months

I felt very unsafe on my journey back to Phnom Penh. The driver was reckless, too fast, and on his phone several times. In fact, he was driving so fast while on the phone that he hit a dog and laughed it off.

Frank 6 months

Driver drove an average of 75km/h which is if you know the roads in Cambodia very fast. For this he had to use the horn 50% of the time. Honking everybody out of the way. The result was an on time arrival with a couple of emergency brake actions.

Traveller 181436 6 months


Traveller 181436 6 months


NM 6 months

Driver on the phone. Beeep beep beeep all the time!

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