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Anonymous over 5 years

The journey was ok, except the trip took a lot longer than expected.

Tobias over 5 years

There was no bus at 8:30. We were lucky that free seats were on the 9:00 bus. Otherwise we probably had no bus at all. Furthermore bookmebus Support gave me wrong advise that there would be an ATM at the border in cambodia but there is no :( never again

Yalcin & Hilda Romana ENER over 5 years

We used the same company from Bangkok to Siem Reap and the return trip. Both occasions we had the best service, very comfortable drive and close assistance at the borders. Very happy and thank you and your fine staff.

Toni Bourne over 5 years

Easy to use booking system, the whole journey was enjoyable, lots of snacks along the way, we were guided through the visa process at the border and had no issues, the only minor complaint was the smell of the toilet on the bus, will definitely book again

Melissa OOoms over 5 years

Ryan over 5 years

I am very disappointed with our trip to Bangkok from Siem Reap. The driver is constantly on the phone while driving. The tourist were not given any instructions what to do in the border unlike the Bangkok-Siem Reap trip. Very disappointed.

Dave over 5 years

We arrived a 1/2 hour early as required but the bus left a half hour late. On the way the bus even stopped for one passenger to buy chips causing the long trip to be even longer for the rest of us. I can live with all this, but no wifi is a game breaker.

Great service over 5 years

Great service from Bangkok to Siem Reap. The assistant offered good advice at the border crossing and seemed genuinely concerned about everyones experience. Arrival into Siem reap was handeled well with free tuk tuks to hostels. Snacks and lunch inc.

Mei over 5 years

Rosan over 5 years

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