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Dale over 5 years

We had aisle passengers who were locals I guess. We waited for them on the Cambodian side for 40 minutes after all visas were done. We then stopped near Siem Reap for them to do something and waited again for 20 minutes.

Gemma Cope over 5 years

Great service - bus on time & no problems during journey. Staff all great. Regular meals given throughout. Easy to book. Would use again

Well done,kind and good service over 5 years

Nice to have snacs on the way.Kind service.

Damien over 5 years

Mo over 5 years

Small breakfast and lunch. Only 9 hours of driving, great! No wifi for those who cannot live without ;)

Bart over 5 years

Good trip! Unexpectingly good food, nice staff!

franceschi paola over 5 years

Michael Barretto over 5 years

I booked seat A5, but that was taken when I arrived at the terminal in Bangkok. The representative kept saying something like 'agency'...your system isn't coordinated with the bus line.

Jesper over 5 years

A/c on the bus works Very well so wear some extra clothes. Border passing is a bit surrealistic. Dont listen to the People trying to help you get visa before you have gone through thai borde.r.

Great service but more info from site necessary over 5 years

Everything was great with the service. Nice friendly staff who helped a lot with crossing the boarder. Snacks, food and water provided. Not loud music or freezing like usual case. But need more info about arrival to bus terminal in bkk. Was very confusing

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