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Jeremy over 5 years

Bus left promptly at 06:00 and arrived at around 18:30. We stopped a few times for bathroom breaks. For meals, you get a pastry/juice/can of coffee and a microwaved rice dish. Border crossing was smooth; the bus just drops you off and picks you up.

tourist1 over 5 years

our trip was smooth, driver and staff are helpful, except for the TOILET smells really bad.They should be clean it atleast every 2 hours.

Tara Dignam over 5 years

Everything we've very smoothly. Very much appreciate the inspector showing photos of the offices on the border. It was a great help! Very friendly and professional service. I would recommend to others

Susanna over 5 years

I really recommend this operator! It was organised and the trip is good. You get some drinks, a snack and lunch for free! Bus stops before entering the border. Waits for everyone on the other site. Getting your visa is obviously your own business.

FB over 5 years

Arbheen Balaoing over 5 years

Arbheen Balaoing over 5 years

The bus driver is not friendly & keeps on shouting at passengers using Thai. I also ask for them to drop us at a place nearby our hotel but they didn't even notify me that we could go down at a place along the highway where one couple was dropped.

Jade newman over 5 years

Great journey! Had heard lots of bad stories of bus journeys across the borders into Cambodia but we had no troubles on this journey! Bus was spacious and clean! Staff were very friendly and helpful when it came to approaching the border! Highly recommend

Mike over 5 years

Excellent and safe driver, no excessive speed. The seats were comfortable, and the border transit was very well managed. The en-route meal was very good, far better than on Thai railway from Bangkok to Chiang Mai.

Jose over 5 years

Overall, service is good. Less hassle too. Bus conductor is very accommodating and we were on time. The only thing is, the bus toilet smells so bad. Even if the door is closed, I can still smell the toilet. Toilet is awful.

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