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Sabrina over 6 years

Very good and welcoming service !

Anna over 6 years

We booked a pick up from the hotel (confirmed via email) but no one ever showed up, so we missed the bus and went to the bus station ourselves where the guy in charge told us that he does not receive pick up requests from the headquarters. Big joke.

Martin from Switzerland over 6 years

Apart from the Restroom at the Siem Reap Bus Station which desperately needs some maintenance, I can only highly recommend the Nattakan Bus Service to everyone who plans to travel from Siem Reap to Bangkok or vice versa! Much easier and more comfortable t

Yalcin Ener over 6 years

Wonderful trip. V. Good bus. Excellent driver and stewards and food on board. Thank you very much.

Yalcin Ener over 6 years

My wife and I am very happy with the service we received from your company. The bus was comfortable, breakfast and lunch served were more than satisfactory and the two young stewards were very helpful especially at the border crossing. Thank you very much

MPCN over 6 years

Trip went smoothly, border crossing was easy, food and beverage provided. Free tuk tuk ride to hostel if you want it, i didn't use it but others did. Happy with service. Would use again.

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