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1 3 months

best car best driver <3 support more

Anonymous 3 months

That is a pleasure trip from Siem Reap to Phnom Penh with this bus company.

Traveller 212368 3 months


Burak 3 months

It was smooth and safe. They provide a free water bottle as well.

0 3 months

Bashir 3 months

The bus arrived 15 minutes late,the beds are good..but the air-conditioning was super cold,there were stops to use to toilet because the bus doesn't have toilet, on toilet stops they scream to wake u up, it's annoying lol We arrived half hour early

marie poilane 3 months

CT05 3 months

Everything was great! The pickup point was quite close to the city centre and the bus arrived quite quickly to PP!

Traveller 222745 3 months

Traveller 202724 3 months

សុំឲ្យមានវាំងននផង ព្រោះគ្មានវាំងននធ្វើឲ្យចាំងថ្ងៃខ្លាំង ពិបាកក្នុងការគេង

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