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Y 2 months

Samnang Noeun 2 months

Great Trip!

0 2 months

Traveller 53363 2 months

Traveller 219419 2 months

Yvonne 2 months

Too little space for Europeans, too load in van due to constant video calling for 6 hours, a lot of mosquitos. Short breaks every 60-90 min, Dinner restaurant too expensive. Driver drove fast and arrived 30 min earlier. Would not chose again.

0 2 months

worst driver ever as the driver always on his headphone none responsible

Gemma 2 months

Although the trip was good, the driver was quite rude, didn’t talk to us at all but simply honked every time he wanted our attention and when we were 10 minutes away from our destination, he decided to pull over on the side of the highway to take a piss.

0 2 months

0 3 months

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